Hello and welcome to the Then and Again Quilts sew-along. Each month I will post a new quilt block pattern for quilters to make. Free free to jump in no matter what month it is. Just send me a message via my Contact page with your name, eMail address and website/blog address. At the beginning of each month I will send out a link to the new pattern. Sometime during the third week of each month, I will send out another eMail asking for images of your completed block. All images that are submitted to me before the end of each month will get posted on this Sew-Along page and the home page of Then and Again Quilts along with a link to your website and/or blog. You, in turn, will share your work on your site with a link back to this page. That’s it!

From November 2018 – November 2019 we will be making “T” blocks: One new variation each month.

T Blocks 1-4T Blocks 5-8T Blocks 9-12

The above images are used with permission from the website http://quilthistorytidbits– 

January 2019

The 3rd block in the “T” block series is the Imperial T. This block is not part of the Quilt History and Tidbits pattern collection. Instead it comes from the book, “Old Patchwork Quilts and the Women Who Made Them” by Ruth E. Finley. For the full tutorial you can click here.

December 2018

The 2nd block in the “T” block series is the Capitol T variation. This block came out in print, in the Farm and Fireside magazine on February 15, 1883; 3 years prior to the “Double T” block that we made last month. The only difference between this block and the 1886 “Double T” is the center block, which is the same color as the background instead of being the same color as the “T”. The name, as you can see, is also different. This one is called the Capitol T block.


For complete directions click here.

November 2018

The first block that we are making is the 4 “T” variation, called the Double “T”. According to  the site Quilt History and Tidbits, this pattern was published in the Prairie Farmer Farm Journal in June 12, 1886. If you have a verified earlier date for this particular pattern, please let us know.



For complete directions click here. This block can be made with reproduction fabrics or modern ones, dark “T’s” or light ones, its all your choice: Just have fun!

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