Reproduction Quilts

Double T quilt: 

The original “T” Quilt that started my reproduction project and this blog, is currently owned by the Historical Museum at Fort Missoula in Missoula, Montana. With special permission from the museums curator I was allowed to view and inspect this quilt up close to see all the intricate little details that went into making this unique quilt. I say unique because throughout the history of “T” quilts, the “T’s” are usually the darker color and the background is usually a light color. This is the first “T” quilt that I have ever come across that is a reversed image of the T.

My reproduction T quilt was made using Bella Solids fabric in Brick Red and Kona Cotton Bleached Muslin. I paid special attention to the construction of the original blocks and the spacing between them. The hand quilting on my reproduction quilt varied a bit from the original, but I felt like I maintained the integrity of the original.


Original quilt on the left / Reproduction on the right