Red and Black Double T Quilt

Back on November 30 on shared photo’s of the 5 different T quilts I had going on at that time. One was the reproduction red and white T quilt, then I had my scrappy test blocks, Double T made with the Maywood Studio’s Paradise fabrics, the Wonky Blocks and the reverse image red and white Double T blocks.

Red and White T Quilt 2

As soon as the red and white reproduction quilt was finished I started working in earnest on the red and white reverse image one. I knew I didn’t want to make the whole quilt red and white so I decided to go a bit contemporary while still maintaining the historical T block appeal. So I added some black and white blocks to the mix. 

Over the past few weeks I have been spending my spare moments working on the layout of the design and some of the assembly. I decided to place all the blocks on point and add a border between them, similar to the computer generated image below.

red and black t quilt layout

During the cutting of the red border fabric however, I made a mistake. Not a huge one, just enough to ruin a two yard cut of fabric. So I needed to improvise and I am so glad I did. I took a chance and I started cutting up my border fabric for flying geese. Yup, more flying geese. I have made so many of these since October that I can now considered a flying geese expert.

Once all the geese have been made and stitched to the black border, I am going to add a strip of red before I add the black T blocks.

layout of black and red t quilt

I am really please with how this is coming together and I look forward to seeing the completed top.

Happy sewing everyone and thanks for stopping by!



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