Capital T Quilt Block

It’s T block Show and Tell Day!

Working with the second pattern in this “T” block series has been as much fun as the first one. When I started this project I wondered if I would quickly tire of making this T’s, but instead the new ideas keeps flowing. If I am ever to fulfill all the designs in my head I will need a lot more time, money, and a quilting machine. Oh if only my hands could work faster and the days were longer!

The December’s T block was exactly like the November one except for the center square, which is the same color as the background instead of being the same color as the T. The measurements are the same, as are the directions.

Capital T Quilt Pattern

I have made six of these blocks so far. The first is the one I showed at the beginning of the month:

Capital T Quilt Block

The next complements the first, with both being made with the Paradise line of fabric that is manufactured by Maywood Studios.

Capital T Quilt Block

The last four are a wonky bunch of blocks made with a mixture of different fabrics. I made one block of each color, then cut each block apart as I did with the November’s wonky blocks. I mix up the colors & sashed them with black. I really like doing this. I love the bright, fun & whimsical appearance of these blocks.

Capital T Quilt Block

Capital T quilt block

Sharon from Piecing Life Together One Stitch At A Time made the December Capital T block as well. Here is her’s:

Capital T Quilt Block

I love the pink and green combination and it is completely hand stitched!

If you would like to join in the T block sew along, just click on the Contact link above and send me a message with your eMail address and I will add you to the list.

Happy Sewing Everyone!


7 thoughts on “It’s T block Show and Tell Day!

  1. nwpaintedlady says:

    I forgot to mention I love the wonky bunch of blocks. They are so cute. Would make a fabulous baby quilt – in fact I have a baby quilt project that I was going to use the pinwheel pattern on but If I can get those geese in line I may use your idea – love them

    Liked by 1 person

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