Reproduction T Quilt

The red and white reproduction T quilt is done just in time for the festivities of the season.  It’s small, measuring at 50 x 75”, the perfect size for my dining room table. I have many bed coverings and at this time I do not need another, so I decided to make this quilt a bright addition to my newly renovated dining room. 

Red and White Double T Quilt

Over the past few months I have talked a lot about the original fabrics as well as my modern choices, but I have not yet written about the batting that I chose for my reproduction. When I first decided to begin this project, I knew I wanted to keep the integrity of the original quilt, which in this case meant a well-worn drape. After some research, I decided on Quilters Dream Cotton.

Quilters Dream Cotton Batting

Quilters Dream Cotton is an amazing quilt batt. It is oh-so soft, has no scrim, glue or binders, and it is needle punched. I chose the “Request” batting because it is a lighter weight with an beautiful drape to it. Perfect for a reproduction quilt. 

Red and White Double T Quilt

Between the batting and the fabulous backing fabric, hand quilting this piece was effortless. I have to say, out of all the quilts I have made over the years, this one was by far the most enjoyable to work on simply because of the quality supplies I choose. 

Red and White Double T Quilt

The Quilters Dream Cotton in a twin size was $21.95, which was a bit more than I normally pay for batting, but it was worth every penny. I was so impressed with this product that I am going to start using Quilters Dream Cotton exclusivity. Best of all… its made right here in the USA!

Red and White T Quilt 4

Something magical happened the day I first saw this antique quilt in the Hayes cabin at the Historical Museum at Fort Missoula. It stirred something inside of me that I couldn’t just set aside and forget about. It was as if this quilt wanted to be remade. It wanted its story to be told, it wanted to be seen again and I was the vehicle to make this occur. I really don’t know how this happens, its one of the great mysteries of life, but I do know that the original T quilt touch a place inside of me and stirred up emotions so strong that I had to pay attention, there was no letting it go. I’m glad I listened.

T Quilt 2

Original “T” Quilt

Red and White Double T Quilt

Reproduction “T” Quilt

Thank you for following my progress on this quilt and sharing my journey with me.



12 thoughts on “Reproduction T Quilt

  1. nwpaintedlady says:

    I am so excited to see your finished T quilt – it is fantastic-gorgeous! I love it on the dining table too. Your work is perfect! I have not seen the Quitlers Dream Cotton Batting but will be looking for it now. ~ Sharon

    Liked by 1 person

  2. allisonreidnem says:

    Congratulations on finishing your quilt! It really does look lovely on your dining table. I am very impressed with Quilters Dream batting too. I’ve used their poly batting (beautifully smooth and even), their green batting (made from recycled bottles!) and most recently their 100% cotton batting. It is more expensive than rival batting but the superior quality is obvious – definitely a good choice for your reproduction quilt.
    Happy Christmas!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. KerryCan says:

    Oh, Bella–it’s so beautiful! It’s good you followed your heart–you were really motivated and you finished so quickly! I will look for the batting your describe–it has all the qualities I want in a batting. Your new dining room is lovely and the quilt is absolutely the finishing touch! Looking forward to seeing what comes next!

    Liked by 1 person

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